Female Serial Killers

We hear lots of talk about serial killers in general and the majority of them happen to be male. Rarely do we hear about all the female serial killers in the world. Some people just don't think females are capable of such an act of violence. Here at female serial killers, we will walk you though some of the basic traits of a serial killer and even provide you with information about some of the worlds most famous female serial killers.

Female serial killers have actually been around for centuries, they even date back to the BC time lines. It was not till more recent time periods that we started documenting, investigating, and reporting things better. DNA crime scene testing wasn't even commercially available till 1984 and fingerprint identification wasn't available till 1987. Law enforcement have been going through old case files for decades now trying to piece together enough evidence to solve the unclosed crimes. Each year, more and more female serial killers are being discovered. If you are interested in learning more about female serial killers, what makes them tick, and who some of the more famous ones are, you came to the right place. Let us help you discover the wonders of female serial killing.

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