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Belle Gunnes was strong and cruel woman, which is compatible with more than 40 victims of her day. Born in Norway in 1859, she moved to the United States and got married and settled in Chicago. Her husband and some of her children died under mysterious circumstances, and sad, and when she started dating again, her suitors - wealthy men drawn to her charms - began to disappear. SHe had been hired hand named Ray Lamphere who made some of the dirty work for him, though he eventually turned him out, and even managed to turn authority over her as a potential threat. In spite of her way to kill the men, he managed to get the final laugh. In April 1908 she was at home went up in flames, and the researchers discovered the bodies of their children next to the headless body under the wreckage. However, the dimensions of the headless body did not match Gunnes "the real figure, and he declared missing. They began to dig her to the ground and rises to a lot of dead bodies.

Size in May, digging continued and some of the above missing persons had, as suspected, found throughout the soil Gunnes farm. Among them was Budsberg, Gurholt and Emil Palm's unnamed son. Like the other victims, the ends were loose and the bodies were cut off in several joints. These latest revelations found a pile of soft earth, which also contained a woman's shoes, purse frame, and the lattice, probably belongs to an unknown woman's body was found in the past. And deep down below while others had a skeleton of the boy, whose wisdom teeth had just begun to grow before he was killed.

Speculation turned to the death of two husbands Belle, Mads Sorenson in Chicago, who died of unknown causes, and Peter Gunnes, crushed by accidentally mixed sausage grinder. The former, a doctor named JB Miller, Chicago now emerged to provide the Mads had all the signs of strychnine poisoning. Miller, however, managers did not want to cause unnecessary pain to the surviving spouse - for he was a basket case - and because he had been treating his patient's heart disease anyway, announced that the cause of death as "cardiac enlargement" and signed the death certificate.

But Dr. Miller remained convinced of the eight year period. Mads is a flexible one day, according to de la Torres' when two insurance policies, overlapping, made his death to be twice as much as it would have been good any other day. Belle had cried his way out of the autopsy. "

There was a inquest procedures Gunnes years later, Peter was killed. The law called into question the nature of a suspicious death, it bore all the signs of harm's way. It was, after all, no rational explanation of how the meat grinder would have been down. Throughout the hearing, Belle screamed and wrung their hands. Martyr forever. The sheriff was not satisfied, and there was a forensic pathologist, who even went so far as questioning young Jennie her foster parent relationship to one another hint at murder. A brief indication of the surface was a child when the death of Peter Belle's care, while referring to the homicide. But at the end the decision was accidental death.

"Mrs. Gunnes was cool during the sermon at the funeral ... he sat moaning with his fingers before his eyes," to borrow the Lillian de la Torre. Urban Albert Nicholson, however, saw that he was "a peek between alertly to check the impact he made. That made him certain of his guilt.

"In a little Myrtle did not know it. Just a week before the fire, he whispered in my ear a little schoolmate," My mother killed my father. He hit her meat with an ax and he died. Do not tell anyone. "His buddy was obedient to his call to Myrtle was a secret until the ashes."

But now, in May 1908, Belle Gunnes "secrets of exploding out of the pyrotechnics was the Fourth of July celebration. All the world waited and watched, and prayed. They were waiting if the diggers never found Belle's head, looking at the headlines read BELLE Gunnes escaped from BLAZE and prayed to hear that a good it is to gain the end of evil with the arrest and punishment of the Black Widow of Indiana.

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