Famous Female Serial Killers - Bertha Gifford

Bertha Gifford is a different story on toxic and unfaithfulness built. Born around 1876, in Gifford Misssouri lived and gained a reputation for their desire for sick friends and family to worry about, many of whom later died. Enough of them died before their time, to excite suspicion, and Gifford was finally arrested for murder. An exhumation of several bodies led to the discovery of arsenic in the bodies, and Gifford's game was over. As with all serial killers, regardless of gender, Gifford was conscious and diverse, and they killed nearly two dozen people. She was not guilty because of mental illness found plea, and she spent the rest of her life in a psychiatric clinic.

Bertha Alice Williams Graham Gifford was born in Grub, Missouri, the daughter of William Williams Poindexter and his wife Matilda, née Lee. She was one of 10 children. She was married to Henry Graham and this union produced a daughter, Lila. After Graham's death, she married Eugene Gifford and they had one child, James.

Known in her community for her cooking and caring for sick relatives and neighbors - - In 1928, Gifford was in Eureka, Missouri arrested and for the murder of three people. After the exhumation and autopsy examinations of Edward Brinley and Elmer and Lloyd Schamel, whose bodies were found to contain large quantities of arsenic, Gifford was brought to trial in Union, Missouri. After the three-day trial, she was found not guilty by reason of insanity and committed to the Missouri State Hospital # 4 (a mental institution), where she remained until her death in 1951.

Although counts vary, most historians agree, and family members that Gifford actually killed at least 17 people over a period of 21 years. Most of their victims were children.

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