Famous Female Serial Killers - Enriqueta Marti

Enriqueta Marti Ripolles (1868 - 12 May 1913) was a Spanish child murderers, kidnappers and matchmaker of children.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, when wealthy help Barcelona residents, wanted to love or a cure for tuberculosis or syphilis, they visited Enriqueta Marti, which sells expensive hardener. Meanwhile, Enriqueta Marti lured children home. Before killing them, which they rendered fat, bone, skin, muscle and hair used in their elixirs-Marti often prostituted children.

In March 1912, two young girls fled, Angelita and Teresita Marti of the apartment and told police that she witnessed Enriqueta Martin battles a little boy. The police searched the properties and Marti found body parts, glasses of blood, fat and recipe books in hand Marti wrote, quoting the terrible ingredients they use in their potions.

It is believed that they abducted an undetermined but large number of children, as they operate over a period of 20 years. It was finally in an apartment in El Raval, mezzanine number 29 of the Ponent Street (today JoaquÝn Costa Street) arrested. Further evidence in apartments in Barcelona, where they previously lived.

The forensic experts managed a total of twelve children with what little evidence they were able to differentiate to recover. Despite the allegations, and because Enriqueta not tally their activities, experts are not sure if she was deadliest serial killer who has been in Spain. It is clear that she served for many years in Barcelona. In addition, the public believed that someone was kidnapped babies. There were many children who disappeared and there was fear in the population.

Enriqueta Marti was never convicted or tried for her crimes. She died a year and three months after her arrest, and of the public outrage at the hands of their fellow prisoners. Her companions in prison killed by lynch on a prison terraces. The early death robbed Enriqueta Marti authorities the opportunity to fully expose all their secrets. The kidnapper and murderer died in the early morning of 12 May 1913, officially from a long illness, but the truth was. As a result of a brutal beating She was secretly buried in a common grave of the Cementerio del Sudoeste lying on the mountain of Montju´c in Barcelona

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