Famous Female Serial Killers - Juana Barraza

Juana Barraza (born 1956), a Mexican wrestler and serial killer is La Mataviejitas (Sp. "The Old Lady Killer") called sentenced to 759 years in prison for killing eleven elderly women. The first murder attributed Mataviejitas was variously in the late 1990s and to a specific killing on 17 Dated November 2003. The authorities and the press have different estimates of the total number of killer given his victims, with estimated totals ranging from 24 to 49 deaths.

Juana Barraza ruled the Mexican women's wrestling circuit "The Silent Lady", but they became notorious for other nickname, "La Mataviejitas" the old lady-killer. Beginning in the 1990s, Juana Barraza knocked on the doors of elderly women in Mexico City, who have to be a social worker. Once inside, they grabbed a sock, piece of string or telephone cable was independently mobile and their victim strangled to death (until blood poured from his ears).

In 2006, for strangling 82-year-old Ana Maria Reyes with a stethoscope, Juana Barraza fled the scene, only to be captured near. Your prints matched those at 10 of the 40 crime scenes attributed La Mataviejitas. It took the police a long time to find them, because they were unsure if they dressed a man or a woman or a man as a woman, or a woman dressed as a man. Their broad shoulders and the force they used to cause blood to penetrate the ears of the victims, the police believe she was a man.

Juana Barraza was tried in the spring of 2008, the prosecution claimed she was responsible for as many as 40 deaths. She admitted murder, and Alfaro told police her motive was lingering resentment over their treatment by her own mother. On 31 March she was found guilty on 16 Murder and aggravated burglary, including 11 separate murder. She was sentenced to 759 years in prison. Since sentences are imposed in Mexican dishes at the same time usually, but served the maximum sentence under Mexican law is 60 years. You will most likely serve the full sentence in prison.

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