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Lavinia Fisher (1793-18 helmikuu 1820) is widely recognized as the first female serial killer in the United States, its origin is unknown, but Fisher was living in the U.S. many of life .. He was married to John Fisher, and both were sentenced for murder and robbery.

Fisher and her husband, Charleston, South Carolina, most of his life he lived. Together, they own the hotel, Six Mile Wayfarer House, where they are at the beginning of 19 century did it. The hotel is located six miles north of Charleston, South Carolina, hence the name. After some time, many reports, the local sheriff had been lost to guests. Since there is no evidence, and the popularity of a couple of these complaints by local residents anywhere. Lavinia Fisher always invite people to eat, and ask a lot of questions about his work trying to figure out whether they have money or not. They sent him to his room a cup of tea, which was really poison. When people drink tea and go to sleep, a man enters the room and make sure they were dead, in which case they are. Another version of the legend is that the tea can lead to men only sleep for several hours. Then, when she was almost asleep, Lavinia, and pull the lever to break the fall on the bed and the victim into the pit. Some believe that he was waiting at the bottom of the pit spike.

One day, John Peeples asked if there was space and Lavinia replied that, unfortunately, is not the place, but he was welcome to come inside and relax with a cup of tea. John hates tea, and do not want to seem rude, he left when he was not looking. They questioned him for several hours, and finally they said they found that it was, in fact they are in space. Then he went to sleep. He was skeptical and questioning concerned about being robbed, so he decided to sleep on a wooden chair near the door. Middle of the night he woke up and the sound is hard bed and found a plan Fisher. He jumped out the window and went to Charleston, to warn the authorities.

Lavinia Fisher was hanged in 1820, but the crime was robbery, criminal at the time, and not murder. He was a member of a large number of pirates operating on two houses and a remote area outside of Charleston, a house five miles and six Mile House. It is unclear whether the Six Mile House was a hotel, but it acts as a refuge for a number of bandits.

The Trial
Fisher Lavinia of Charleston, South Carolina prison before hanging the spot. He had a plan in mind to make sure they are not met to come up with. Even if South Carolina can not comply with a woman was married. If Lavinia mentioned in the judge told her that she killed her husband first, so that it is a widow. Lavinia Fisher made another plan and decided to run a wedding dress. She was a woman in a legendary beauty and hopes that this is a priest, he could not marry a man to seduce her. Would happen if he could, and Lavinia realized that they did not have much time before the executioner tightened the noose, he told the crowd: "If someone is a message to the devil, let me -. Delivery" or "If one of you is a message to the devil, tell me now - because I want to see him at that time, "and then jumped to the gallows, and committed suicide, they are much better than when you work with someone. Come to a lot of what is really happening in the hands of the alleged murder of John and Lavinia Fisher are greatly exaggerated, so this information is hard to find. However, it is based on news accounts, Charleston Post and Courier reported that the vigilance of the gang went to the fishermen, "the station in February 1819 about the alleged" gang activity "that occurred there. Satisfied that they have fulfilled their mission, the group returned to Charleston, but a young man named Ross, David of duty in the area available.

Early the next morning, Ross attacked the two men and pulled in front of the gang, which terrorized the area. Among them was Lavinia Fisher, whom he sought help. But rather than help him strangled him and then smashed his head through the window. Ross managed to escape and alerted the authorities immediately.

Immediately after this incident, another passenger named John Peeples, stopping at a house six miles of fishermen on the passengers as well, but he escaped, and went to the authorities. On the basis of these accounts have been given the names and identity of the attackers, that the prosecutor did not have before. The police were immediately dispatched to the site and observed a subsequent study Lavinia and John were two other gang members. John Fisher gave the group is trying to protect his wife and to protect them from possible gunfire. Later, during questioning, he tries again, Lavinia, to protect the identity of all members of the gang. Almost throughout the year ended in the arrest and execution. The prosecution appealed to the fishermen not to blame, but were advised to jail before the trial, which will run in May, and their associates have been held without bail. The jury trial was rejected by him in his grounds of innocence and found them guilty of robbery. However, the court may make a complaint, and they gave grace period until January session of the court.

During this time, fishermen joined the plans to run away when they are placed in one cage and 6x8 guards is not difficult. 13. September, they have the plans into action and began to run. Not all and not just a rope, as they did at the prison, linens, broken, because of the planned release into the cell the prisoner Lavinia, and John. He was not willing to continue the flight plan and it was rejected. Both of them were at that time was much less than safe.

The Constitutional Court rejected their appeal, and both were sentenced to hang on 4 February 1820. awaiting execution, advised St. John, Richard Furman, a local priest, but Lavinia was more abrupt. Before her execution, the priest read a letter to John Fisher, together with, say, when he became a Christian, he could not lie to keep working at his expense. Therefore, he called for his innocence and asked for mercy for him, that he did wrong in the proceedings. As soon as he read the letter, Fisher began the business in front of assembled mass of about 2000 litigate. He apparently opposes amnesty. Lavinia, the judge said that they did not hang around, a married woman, so she hung days before John. It is believed that Mary surrate was the first woman hanged in the United States, but Lavinia was hanged 40 years ago.

After death
After his performance, Lavinia was buried in potter's field, near the place of execution, which was outside the old city jail. It was announced at his funeral, 150 Rally (Circular of the parish church), or 4 Archdale Street (Single Church) seems to be tolerated guides.

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