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Velma Barfield has another claim to infamy is not only a serial killer: She was the first woman in the United States to be executed after the death penalty was reinstated in 1977. She was put to death for the murder of Stuart Taylor to put her boyfriend, she had to forge already with his checking account and checks buy prescription pills, and they poisoned his beer tee off on him, although she used to when he again played well for a few days . She was caught when an autopsy turned up traces of arsenic. She also confessed to killing her mother in the same way. Overall, they killed five people, but they have so much time on death row, they found religion and became a devout Christian. Strange but true.

RALEIGH, NC, 2 November 1962 - A moment after aa final apology for all the pain I have caused'' expressed,'' Margie Velma Barfield was here today were for murder, the first woman to death in the United States to be executed in 22 years. Prison officials said Mrs. Barfield, 52 years old, was dead at 2:15 clock today voted, 15 minutes after they received a lethal injection of procuronium bromide, a muscle relaxant intended to stop her heart and breathing. Witnessed the execution said Mrs. Barfield, the killing in 1978, Stuart Taylor, her fiance, was sentenced by poison in his beer, died peacefully with no apparent pain or suffering. She also had the fatal poisoning of her mother and two elderly people for whom they were set, had to be known, although they did not try for that killing.

Later in the day, during an interview with reporters, Governor James B. Hunt Jr. of North Carolina strongly defended his decision in September to deny clemency for Mrs. Barfield to, and described it as the kind of'' tough decision'' he has often had to to make as governor. Mr. Hunt, a Democrat, in recent days, a close and bitterly fought race for the Senate here with Jesse Helms, the Republican incumbent. Aborted campaign schedule Aides to Hunt, who made clear his campaign schedule today because of the type they are about the potential impact of the execution, so close to Election Day, with voters might have worried. In his most extensive public comments to date on the execution, Mr. Hunt denied that politics had nothing to do with his decision to allow the execution. He also reiterated his strong support for the death penalty.

Opinion polls show that capital punishment is supported by a majority of voters in North Carolina. Some demonstrators who protested the execution outside the prison Thursday night accused Governor Hunt of are refusing to show mercy and compassion, and Richard Burr, a woman's lawyers said Barfield,'' Politics and death were mixed in this case.'' The execution time has hampered the hunt for a state campaign Superior Court judge in August last year the deadline just four days before the 6th November elections set. The judge, who offered no explanation for the timing, it could be as late as 22 November have planned. Statement before execution.

Shortly before Mrs. Barfield was administered the lethal injection, they issued a brief statement saying,'' I know in part, that each has a lot of pain, went all the families connected, and I'm sorry, and I want to thank all those who have supported me all these six years.'' Previously they had received recent visit by members of her family and close friends, and one of them told that'' go if I was in this gas chamber by 2 clock in the morning, it's my gateway to heaven.'' She refused offers of prison officials for a specially prepared last meal, choosing instead Coca-Cola and Cheez Doodles.

Mrs. Barfield was buried on Saturday after funeral in Fayetteville.

Mrs. Barfield The case attracted widespread national attention among opponents of the death penalty, many have argued that she had proved she could live a life of value behind prison walls. Would have aided other prisoners Described as a deeply religious person, Mrs. Barfield had a number of prison officials with furnishing support and advice has been credited for many younger women inmates. About 300 opponents of the death penalty was a vigil Thursday night in the shadows just beyond the prison of the floodlit courtyard is a sign that spells out the word'' hope'' grouped into small lights. They carried candles that were passed as the moment of their execution extinguished.

Inside the prison, where another 39 prisoners awaiting execution, echoing the sound of the inmates beat rhythmically on the plexiglass windows of their cells in the hollow damp morning air. The sounds of protest sometimes with those of a group of about 80 people who demonstrated mixed for the death penalty. As the hour of Mrs. Barfield execution approached, they cheered and applauded. Third Execution This Week Mrs. Barfield was the third person in the United States carried out this week, and the first woman who died will be made after the death of Elizabeth Ann Duncan, 58, in the gas chamber in California in 1962 for conspiring to her daughter-in -law murder.

Immediately after her execution, Mrs. Barfield's body to a medical school near Winston-Salem, where doctors removed organs before they commit themselves, was rushed to donate for transplantation. Before the execution, Mrs. Barfield strapped to a gurney and clad in pink pajamas and blue house slippers, administered a sedative. '' I have not noticed any kind of suffering,'' said Romona Jones, a reporter for the Raleigh Times and one of 16 witnesses to the execution. '' It just seemed to relax.''

Mrs. Barfield, the earlier stage of their execution Thursday when she told her attorneys to abandon efforts to win a stay from the United States Supreme Court. James C. Little, her lawyer said, would allow them to die'' with as much dignity as the State of North Carolina.''

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